Bouk de Roeck

Bouk (1999) is a contemporary artist from The Netherlands.

Since he was a child, his creative spirit has developed through drawings and works with black gradient pencils. Discovering his precocious talent led him to study art education for a year in 2016. A year of learning in which his creative work reached a higher level and evolved towards digital arts.

However, life took him down other paths, and he decided to focus on his cycling career, applying to Johan Cruyff College, a school for high-performance athletes. He graduated three years later but decided to quit his cycling career due to injuries.

So, he decided to embark in 2019 on the project that you have in front of you today. Digital surrealist art has opened doors for Bouk that he never thought he would cross, and, with your help, he hopes to continue developing his talent in this field.