Bouk de Roeck

Animals, humans, life, colors and the illusion of these together… all these concepts have ever flowed through Bouk’s mind, without paying too much attention to them, letting the very inspiration from the sky flood his thoughts. When an idea is condensed inside him, he visualizes the beauty he wants to represent, and lets his feelings speak for him through his hands.

His art is the reflection of his passion, his feelings and his sensations: a representation of the fantasies that cross his mind daily, the fruit of the inspiration of nature and human beauty.

And so, without planning or meditating, his art emerges…

Exclusive art

Bouk’s pieces are designed through professional graphic design and photomanipulation software, although without losing the creative essence that has characterized him all his life.

He is demanding with himself and pursues excellence in every piece he brings to life; thus, his works are always made with love to succeed in getting the highest possible quality there is.